Hitchhiking from France to Egypt !

From Montpellier to Luxor via Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Egypt ...

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Montenegro | Comments: 6

Voila le petite troupe reunie dans un camping de Dubrovnik. Dans la cite touristique, nous faisons un peu de bronzette (Benji a encore du retard) puis nous visitons la vieille ville, absolument magnifiquebien que treeees touristique. Une seule

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Thank you all ! | Comments: 3

This page is dedicated to all the drivers, hosts and friends whose generosity has enabled us to move forward on the way to Egypt : whether you accepted or not to be on this page, thank you all for your help.Please feel free to leave us a comment !

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Departure : 1st of June ! | Comments: 7

Team is ready, materiel has been bought, visas are granted, flight back to France is booked... time to go ! We'll leave from Montpellier (South of France), where Anouk lives : way easier than leaving from Paris, and it shortens a little bit the way.

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Travel through Egypt | Comments: 5

For the last steps of our roadtrip, we're slowing down again the pace. Our flight back to France is scheduled for August 15, and during those 2 weeks we'll travel some 600 kms before arriving in Luxor. Dive near from Aqaba in Jordan, cross the Red

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Immersion in the Middle Orient | Comments: 1

After racing across southern Europe, i'ts time to slow down a little bit ! This time, we'll "only" travel 2200 kms in a month... On the agenda : Turkey, Syria, Jordan, hitchhiking again. In particular Syria, which seems to be one of the

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Destination : Istanbul... | Comments: 1

Fast and efficient: it's just the spirit of this first month hitchhiking during wich we'll travel more than 3180 kms ! In a one-month time, we hope to cross the entire Mediterranean Europe: France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and

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